Tree on BoatAs we all know, Minnesota weather can take a turn for the worse quickly.  Did you know we have a weather station on Lake John where we can get forecasts and conditions that are updated every 15 minutes?

The weather station is located in Alan Isaacson’s lakeside yard on the east side of Lake John.  The station is part of the Weatherunderground network.  Weatherunderground is owned by ‘The Weather Channel’ who also owns The Weatherunderground site updates from Alan’s weather station with current data approximately every 15 minutes.

You can view that forecast for Lake John here:

On the above web page, there is an additional link named “Forecast for Annandale, MN” which shows a 10 day forecast based on other weather stations reporting to Weatherunderground.  Radar maps and other data can also be accessed from the above page as well.

Weatherunderground also has great apps for your phone and Roku devices.  You can download those apps here.