Loon Watch Summer 2018

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Happy summer Lake John residents!  A loon nest was spotted  this past weekend on Lake John.  Loons nest lakeside and incubate their eggs for 27 to 30 days. Hatchlings leave the nest on their first day and are able to … Continued

2018 Walleye Stocking

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In May, the DNR harvested their walleye ponds and we were able to get a good number of carry-over walleye. Lake John was scheduled to be stocked with walleye this fall but the DNR decided to stock it this spring. … Continued

Deer Crossing

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Thanks to Mike Jaskowiak for taking this photo of 5 deer walking on Lake John ice around March 16th.  

Fall 2016 Walleye Stocking

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On October 4, 2016, the DNR stocked Lake John with 149 pounds of walleye yearlings (approximately 600). Fingerlings are typically used to stock but there is a shortage of the fingerlings due to the mild winter.  In early November, the … Continued

2016 Loons

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Thanks to resident Kirk who was out fishing one evening this week and snapped some photos as the loons were checking out his bait.