Photo courtesy of neighbor Jodi Campbell.

The following are ways the Lake John Association and our home owners are working together to monitor and protect our lake.

Five Things You Can Do to Protect Our Lake

  1. Make sure your septic system is up to code.
  2. Perform annual septic maintenance.
  3. Practice good lawn maintenance.
  4. Maintain or establish a shore land buffer zone. (Learn more at the University of Minnesota Extension site)
  5. Learn more about septic systems at:

Helping with Eurasian Watermilfoil Control

If you see pieces of EWM floating, carry a garbage bag in your boat and dispose onshore.  EWM is identified as follows:  each leaf has 10-21 pairs of leaflets; leaflets are usually closely-spaced; leaves are limp when out of water; finely divided leaflets 1/2 inch long 12-16 pair; long branching stems near the surface with soft, feathery leaves; leaves usually attached in whorls of four, but sometimes 3-5. It differs from Northern watermilfoil (which is a native plant and good for the lake) as follows: leaves attached to stem in groups of 4 (rarely 5); each leaf has 5-9 pair of leaflets; leaflets are widely-spaced; leaves are rigid when out of water; plant does not branch at surface; look for turions (buds of densely packed leaves)

Lake John Reports from MN DNR

Lake John (86-0288-00) Maps from MN DNR

“Restore your Shore” Program by MN Dept of Natural Resources

Restore Your Shore is a powerful tool for shoreland owners and professionals to use in implementing shoreland restoration and protection projects. Restore Your Shore will enable you to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of shoreland ecosystems and natural shoreland management.
  • In Shore Lore, discover how lakeshore problems similar to your own have been resolved through innovative approaches.
  • In the Plant Guide, use the Native Plant Encyclopedia, to create your own plant list from nearly 400 native plants (photos included!). Select natives suitable for planting in your area. Find out what to plant and what not to plant.
  • Watch your project unfold and be amazed by the transformation. Steps & Techniques will guide you step by step through the design and implementation process.

Check it out at

Additional information can also be found at Shore Line Education.