Loon Watch June 2017

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Loon Watch Submitted by Bruce Nystrom.

I am pleased to report that we have two families with at least 1 chick. They are located near “cat-tail island” and the far Southwest corner of Lake John. I viewed both of them this last weekend. One family has 2 chicks for sure, and the other family might have 2-but 1 for sure. There is another pair that hangs around Rocky Point, but I have not seen any chick.

We also have a social group of 6-8 that play around in the middle of the lake from time to time. They are probably too young to mate, but like our lake?

In addition, we have 3 families of Canada Geese with 12 youngsters that hang around the Northern section of our lake plus the Finger.

We still have the Bald Eagle family in the nest on the North side of the Finger: they have at least one chick.