Reminder of Boating Rules and Regulations

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The DNR boating guide:

Wright County water surface/boating ordinances can be found here (spotter requirements):

CHAPTER 131 : WATER SURFACE USE Legal publisher offering ordinance codification services for local governments, specializing in providing codes of ordinances.

Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski)

  • Operation times 0930-1 hour BEFORE sunset
  • Youth operators 13 years old need someone 21+ on board OR have watercraft operators permit and be in constant visual by someone at least 21
  • Youth operators 14-17 need watercraft safety certificate OR someone 21+ on board
  • All must wear life jackets on PWC
  • PWC must travel at SLOW – NO WAKE within 150 feet of docks, shore, swimmers, anchored boats, non-motorized boats (unless launching or landing a skier from shore)
  • Towing person on skis, tube etc requires a 2nd person on board at all times except when there are factory installed/specified mirrors on the machine.

Other Watercraft

  • Life jackets required to be on board for every person on every type of boat (including kayaks, canoes, paddleboards etc)
  • Children under 10 must wear life jacket unless boat is anchored for swimming purposes