Loon Update

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Submitted by Bruce Nystom

The youngster in the Northern Nursery seems to spend more and more time alone.  I can’t remember the last time I saw all three of the Family together.  One of the adults, I assume the Mother, still hangs around with the young one at times.  The youngster has been observed flying low for short distances, but not seen doing much more than that.  The “chick” seems to be full grown now, but still lacking the adult markings.  I wonder if he/she will leave with one or more of the adults or just take off alone some day?  I hope they hang around for a couple more months.

It appears to me that neither of the Loon Nest Platforms were used by loons this year.  But, I know the Northern Family nested very closely to the platform on Rocky Point.  I never did pinpoint the Southern Family’s actual nest.  I do not recommend moving the platforms before freeze up.  Our loons know where they are for next year if they want them; otherwise, they seem to be placed in good out-of-the-way spots.
I went for a boat-ride a couple of days ago and didn’t see the Southern Nursery loons.