Loon Update May 2, 2016

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Happy May 2nd, 2016

I circled Lake John this afternoon.  We have Loons, Geese (with young ones), Eagles, Ducks, and Herons. There was one pair of Loons near a nest in extreme SW area of main lake.  A single was SW of Rocky Point by about 100 yards. Another single was working his/her way from E to W along the North Shore.  I am guessing we have two pairs again this year. The Loon Nest Platforms are afloat and very near to where the Loons appear to be nesting in natural Cattails.

No sign of an eagle chick Sleeping half-moon yet, but they definitely are in the nest tree deep in Finger Bay like previous years.

The geese appear to be nesting in Cattail Island (what’s left of it).  Four more were sighted on shore in North Shore of Finger Bay with at least 2 little ones.

All is well; so far.

Submitted by Bruce Nystrom, our Lake John loon czar.