Loon Watch June 1, 2016

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I toured our lake on Memorial Day.  I observed two Loon families:

  • One family in the southern nursery and they had one chick
  • One family in the northern nursery and they had two chicks

The southern chick was much smaller.  I recommend www.loon.org for residents seeking more Loon knowledge.  I plead with boaters to maintain the recommended 200 ft. distance from Loon families.  We will lose our Loons if  they feel threatened by human activities.  If  boaters need a closer look, use optics, please.  Same goes for our Goose families;  please treat our Wildlife with respect and courtesy while they try to raise their young among natural predators like snapping turtles, large fish, and eagles.  They were here long before human boats etc.

Submitted by Bruce Nystrom