Loon Watch September 2017

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I have not written much this year because I have not seen much….  We had no loon family to watch in the Northern Nursery.  We did have a pair that seemed to attempt nesting at Rocky Point early in the season.  But I think their nest was disrupted by a large cat-tail bog that migrated to the point during Spring winds.  No chick was ever observed, but the pair has been hanging around regularly.

I know there were two successful families in the South and Western parts of the main lake, but they stayed out of sight from me unless I was boating (which is seldom).  There was a report on a possible wounded chick along the East shore a couple of weeks ago, but after close observation it appeared normal and it was left alone.

We have seen many un-mated loons this Summer conducting their socializing routines.  Also, recently, we are seeing one young loon up here; always alone.  We hope he is healthy-time will tell.

That’s all folks…..

Submitted by Bruce Nystrom