Lake John Loon Watch: More Families on Lake John (6.4.15)

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Submitted by Bruce Nystrom

I just completed a boat ride on an almost mirror top Lake John. I wanted to see for my self if we had more than one Loon Family going on……To my surprise, I saw at least one Adult in the far SW corner of the lake, but no chick.

However, while cruising up the East Coast of the lake, I observed two Loon Families of 3!!!!!!  Totally, made my day.  I think one of the families had been pushed Southward down the East Coast by fishermen in
the NE Corner of the lake.  The other family came from ???

I did not go past Sandy Point into the Finger Bay, so I do not know what is going on with the Bald Eagle Nest etc.

Couldn’t hold this report for later.