Loon Watch, Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Submitted by Bruce Nystrom

At 6:15 AM, I walked out on my dock on the North Shore of Lake John to go fishing.  I noticed a Chick sitting still in the water about 15 feet from me.  I did not see any Adults.  The chick remained amazingly calm as a cast and fished.  He dove a couple of times, but did not swim far off.

I then heard a loon call in the distance, but could not see any on the lake surface or in the sky.  Soon I saw a Bald Eagle soaring above Rocky Point. flying East.  Next I heard loon alarm calls in the distance from the West.  Two Adult loons soon appeared in the sky coming out of Finger Bay and coming for my location (and the Chick).  As they continued to call the alarm and approach me, the Chick dived and came closer to shelter near our dock.  Both Adults landed simultaneously within 25 ft. of me and called the Chick back up to the surface to join them. All of them calmly swam past me heading West near the neighboring docks. The Bald Eagle kept flying to the East and was nowhere in sight.

This is the closest observation I have ever had of this kind of situation which happens often……I know.  But so much better when up close and (almost) personal.  Lake surface like a mirror this AM and I caught lunch, too.  Great start to a Sunday.