Final Loon Watch for 2015

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Submitted by Bruce Nystrom

This might be the final report for 2015.

I just completed a Lake John perimeter boat ride and I saw no Loons anywhere.  This confirms my observations for the past week or so of no sounds or sightings of any Loons.  I guess we can say that both Southern and Northern Nursery’s are “complete” with the Families off to Southern Destinations. Last Fall we watched a Loon or Goose Youngster freeze into the ice and succumb to Natures Ways where Eagles or Coyotes or Fox got the remains but not this year.

Thanks for your interest and attention.  It would be so interesting if any of our Loon Family members came back next Spring.  But I guess we will never know.

Have a great Fall and Winter.


Bruce, Loon Whisperer


P.S. Watch for my special hat at next year’s Annual Meeting.