Lake John Loon Watch 5-5-15

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Submitted by Bruce Nystrom

I observed an adult with the chick near our shoreline this morning for about 15 minutes.  The chick is still dark brown and appeared to be about half the length of the adult. It was staying near the adult and bobbing along into the oncoming waves.  The two moved off to the East, which is where they hang the most – in the NE corner of the lake.  The adult then went underwater, and the chick followed for about 20 seconds or so.

About 30 minutes later, both adults appeared some distance to the West of the chick and calls were made. Within a minute or two both flew low over the water toward the NE corner.  The chick was now 300 yards away from them; but moving in their direction.  Some separation lesson going on?

At this point, I am unaware of any other chick on our lake.

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